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The World record of the highest myopia belongs to the Slovak, Jan Miskovic, with an impressive myopic degree measured at -108 Diopters.

Despite his visual disability, however, he is a true phenomenon who lives life to the fullest and has even made his disability a motivating factor for his artistic creativity as a passionate professional photographer, who proves by example that the practice of his art and impaired vision are perfectly compatible thanks to modern technology.

Image Credit: Points De Vue: International Review of Ophthalmic Optic

Jan reports “As a child, I developed a number of vision problems, including amblyopia, astigmatism, strabismus, keratoconus and, primarily, progressive myopia. These problems became more severe and advanced more rapidly following a racing accident in a hydroplane (a cross between a motorcycle and a powerboat designed for offshore racing), which caused severe injuries to both eyes, not to mention the side effects of the antibiotics I was forced to take, which also contributed to my declining vision”

His myopia, measured at -45 diopters in 2001 with a progression of 4-5 diopters per year, has now (as he is about to turn 60) reached a record-setting degree of severity: -108 diopters. And even though advances in ophthalmic optics along with an international Franco-Slovak collaboration between Essilor’s teams have made it possible to design and manufacture corrective lenses to meet his visual requirements, his continued ability to express his artistic talent primarily depends on proper management of his disability and his unshakeable optimism. Indeed, Jan is not the type of person to let life’s vagaries slow him down. He seizes every opportunity to express himself, enrich his creativity, and broaden his experience.

Image Credit: Points De Vue: International Review of Ophthalmic Optics

Unfortunately, there are no fundus imaging available of this world record myopic patient. At this degree of myopia this patient likely have most signs of pathological myopia at an advanced level. How did his retina and choroid not degenerate totally until now? That’s the million dollar question, but based on the patient description and life style, we may assume that his fovea or surrounding retina still have some degree of functional activity meaning some of the choroid and retina are still present and receive blood supply.

His full Rx is the following, visual acuities are not available OD: -106.00 + 6.00 x180 OS: -108.00 + 6.00 x 025

Image Credit: Points De Vue: International Review of Ophthalmic Optic


Enjoy this video of the lens making!  https://youtu.be/YvJh267jKLs





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