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Dr. Augustine is a native of Ohio and a Brecksville High School graduate. He became a Flyer at the University of Dayton, receiving a BS degree in Biology. From Dayton, Jeffrey went to Chicago where he attended the Illinois College of Optometry. To further enhance his career, Dr. Augustine went on to complete his optometry residency at the Cleveland VA Medical Center. He wasn’t done yet! Dr. Augustine then saw the bright future in refractive surgery and decided to do a fellowship at the Newman Eye Institute in DeLand, Florida, focused on optometric refractive surgery clinical management. Prior to LASIK being approved in the United States, Dr. Augustine and Dr. Robert Wiley traveled to China to further increase their knowledge. Dr. Augustine has devoted his entire career to the perioperative optometric management of the refractive surgery patient. Beyond managing thousands of patients over two decades, Dr. Augustine has written several iconic articles on the optometric management of the refractive surgery patient. He continues to lecture throughout the United States and is involved in many clinical research projects.

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