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Monthly Columns - Dugout Dirt & From the Editor

Clinical Content

The Importance of The Eyelids and Tear Film in Contact Lens Discomfort

Contact lens discomfort, along with contact lens dropout, are highly prevalent conditions. (1-7) The complete discontinuation of contact lenses is referred to as contact...

Practice Management

10 Fun Reasons For Students To Attend Academy 2018

The Academy of Optometry annual meeting is a great time for students to explore the academic and research side of optometry. While Academy is...

Marketing / Business

Why Attend EyeInnovate?

I love live training…always have. It’s so good to go to an event that teaches you something practical, new and energizes you to go back...

Just for Fun

Someone asked me what it’s like to practice in NYC. A simple enough question but upon further examination, one I didn’t really know how...

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